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Howa MiniAction Rifles

Howa is a well known Japanese manufacturer of quality firearms. Howa firearms are imported and sold in the United States through Legacy Sports International.

Weekly Gear Update – Storm Proof Sidewinder Refill Pack

Shooters often encounter wet weather while shooting outdoors, and using standard paper to take notes or create Dope cards can be nearly impossible. Synthetic

A Look at Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor Brass

Over the last few years the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge has become increasingly popular among precision rifle enthusiasts. However, availability of cases was limited to

A Look At Progressive Presses

Progressive reloading presses offer shooters speed and efficiency when producing custom loads. However, there is a wide array of products and options to consider.

SHOT Show 2017 Videos are Up!

We have posted the videos from SHOT Show 2017 on our Youtube channel. There are over 40 videos – be sure to check them

SHOT Show 2017 – Day 4

We wrapped up SHOT Show 2017 with some some in depth interviews from industry notables. With the rapid growth of our sport there are

SHOT Show 2017 – Day 3

We made it through day 3! Our patch giveaway was a success. Three of the recipients just got off a flight from Australia and

SHOT Show 2017 – Day 2

Day 2 continued at a hurried pace. We really appreciate the folks who stopped us in the aisles to express their appreciation for what

SHOT Show 2017 – Industry Day at the Range

The 6.5 Guys attended Industry Day at the Range kicking off their first day of SHOT Show 2017. Industry Day at the Range is

Weekly Gear Update – Reasor Gamechanger Bag

In this gear update the 6.5 Guys review and discuss the Reasor Gamechanger Bag which they both recently started using. This support bag is

Reloading Press Accessories from Inline Fabrication

High volume shooters often find themselves in front of their reloading presses in order to keep their shelves stocked with enough ammunition to feed

A Look At Our Shooting Glasses

Proper eye protection is ‘must-have’ gear for the shooting sports and in many cases mandatory. Other eye-pro features are important (in addition to safety

A Look At Our Match Gear

New shooters will often ask us what a typical gear load out looks like. The answer is gear selection is most often dictated by

Book Review – Practical Shooter’s Guide by Marcus Blanchard

We get this question a lot: “What’s a good book for the beginning shooter who wants to get into long range precision rifle or

Weekly Gear Update – Kestrel Elite 5700

Two pieces of gear are critical to quickly getting on target at extended ranges: (1) A weather meter that can provide you with accurate