Gear Update – Insite Arms, “Heathen” Muzzle Brake

In this gear update we take a closer look at the Insite Arms “Heathen” Muzzle Brakes which they both have been running on extended evaluation over the past year. We explain some of the features that make this a great brake design to run on any match rifle.

You can learn more about the Heathen here.

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  1. Dave Nellans

    $225 for a muzzle brake?!? The “tactical” prices are getting out of control for accessories (not that these guys are alone, I’m thinking about $400+ bipods, $100 magazines). As great a brake as it might be you can actually buy full guns with some form of cheesy “3 short 1MOA guarantee” for barely more than that these days.

    I’m glad you guys like it, but at ~20% of my entire ruger precision rifle, i’ll stick with the factory brake and see how high I can climb against the open guys with my production class equipment.

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