Gear Update – Mantis Firearms Training System

In this Gear Update the 6.5 Guys take a look at the Mantis Firearms Training System. The device attaches to your firearm and communicates via Bluetooth with software installed on your smart phone.

We had a chance to use it with dry fire and live fire. With live fire, the displayed results correlated with what we saw on the target. As such, we believe that the feedback provided during dry fire reflects what one would see down range with live fire. We intentionally used bad technique by jerking the trigger, heeling the pistol, etc. and it all showed up on the software display.

The device is sensitive enough to discern between the racking of the slide and pressing of the trigger. In our discussions with Mantis, a lot of work went into the device so it could tell the difference. Because the device is so sensitive, you need to tell it whether you are dry firing, live firing or using CO2. You also have to tell it where it is mounted on the firearm, the direction of mounting, etc. Software updates are available every four to eight weeks providing new features and product improvements.

We were also impressed with the packaging of the device – it included a genuine miniature Pelican case. You can toss the MantisX into your range gear without fear of damaging it. It is also designed and assembled in USA.

In our opinion it is well worth the price of $149USD as it significantly increases the benefit one gets from dry firing. Before the MantisX, similar feedback could only come from firing live ammunition. The savings in ammunition alone would pay for the device. Ed recommended the Mantis to a co-worker and he was so impressed that he recommended the MantisX to several others.

And the MantisX is not just for pistols – it works with rifles too. If you don’t have a picatinny rail on your firearm, Mantis provides a number of adapters.

As is the case with all products we review, we are not paid or compensated by the vendor to give an endorsement.

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