Weekly Gear Update – Forster Honed Dies

In this 6.5 Guys Gear Update, we discuss a service offered by Forster Products to custom hone the neck diameter of their full length sizing dies to customer specifications. For more information go the Forster website at: https://www.forsterproducts.com/

What got us thinking about honed dies was this article. Based on our experience, a honed dies does reduce runout. If you are contemplating a new cartridge and are looking for dies, consider purchasing a honed die right away. There really isn’t a need to purchase a bushing die to determine the correct neck diameter. Instead, measure a loaded cartridge and share that measurement with Forster. They will hone the die .004″ under. This approach assumes the use of and expander ball or mandrel to set final neck tension.

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  1. Gary Shaw

    In your discussion about mandrel in lieu of expander balls, I recall you suggested (for 6.5) using a .086″ neck bushing before using the sinclair neck turning mandrel to expand the neck to .289 in advance of seating.

    The Forster honed die process mentioned here seems based on neck sizing at .004″ under the diameter of the loaded round. In the case of 6.5, that works out to .0287 instead of .286 from the mandrel discussion. I’m still new to all this but does the .001 difference between the two matter if the mandrel takes it back out to .0289″ anyway?
    Thanks again for all you do for this sport( obscession?)

    • 65guys

      Hi – the .001″ really doesn’t make a different so long as you are expanding to the final neck diameter.

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