2017 Match Rifles

Like many competitive shooters, we upgrade our gear based on innovations and trends. We also upgrade our gear so we can try out new things. Currently we are competing in the tactical division of the various leagues (PRS, NRL, and NWPRL). As such, our rifles are chambered for the .308 Winchester cartridge and optimized for shooting bullets in the 168-178gr weight range.

We had to wait a little longer than usual to get our rifles, but this was due to circumstances beyond the control of our builder RBros Rifles. If anything, we commend Travis Redell of RBros for refusing to compromise on quality. Once all of our components were available, Travis put aside everything to build our rifles. So there is no confusion, Travis kept us updated every step of the way. You can have full confidence that any promised delivery dates from RBros are realistic. If anything does come up, Travis will keep you informed.

Our rifles are essentially identical with Ed’s being left handed and Steve’s being right handed. We will also be running different optics. That being said, here is an overview of each component and our rationale for selection:


We elected to run the Manners MCS PRS-2 stock with integrated MPA barricade rail and KMW cheek piece. Length of pull is adjustable with spacers and flush cups are mounted fore and aft on both sides. The integrated bottom metal positions the AI AW magazines perfectly for smooth and reliable feeding. AICS magazines can also be used.

We saw this stock at SHOT Show 2017 and it intrigued us. This stock allows us to retain the ergonomics of the Manners T2-A with the added utility of the MPA barricade rail. The Platinum Series shell is the result of an advanced vacuum forming process and provides a number of advantages. Key advantages are increased rigidity and flexibility of construction as well as reduced weight.

MPA Barricade Rail


We selected 10 twist Broughton barrels in Heavy Varmint contour cut at 26 inches with target crowns. We’ve used these barrels on all of our builds to date since they are accurate and achieve high velocities relative to their length.

Muzzles are threaded 5/8×24” to accommodate various muzzle devices. Ed is using his Thunderbeast 30P-1 suppressor as he’s rediscovered the joys of shooting without muzzle blast. The extra weight at the end of the barrel results in added stability. Steve favors the recoil abatement provided by his APA Gen 2 Fat Bastard brake. Woe is the person who shoots next to Steve!


Steve will continue to use the Atlas PSR bipod with QD and Tactical Supply Bipod Talons. Ed continues to use the Harris BRM-S 6-9” with Pod Loc, QD mount and Tactical Supply Bipod Talons. However, Ed is contemplating the use of the Atlas PSR bipod given certain advantages that it has over the Harris. While the Harris Pod Loc combination gives superior cant control, the ability to swing the Atlas legs backwards can be particularly useful when shooting off certain obstacles such as parapets and barrels.

For a detailed discussion of these bipods and others, including QD options for the Harris bipod, please go here.


Steve is using his Nightforce BEAST with the Breakaway Coaster zoom lever and American Rifle Company ARC M-10 scope rings. Later in the season he will transition to a U.S. Optics ER-25 scope.

Ed plans to use the Nightforce 5-25×56 F1 ATACR with Seekins 1” rings. He really likes the center aiming dot and .2 mil increments of the MIL-C reticle. He will not be using a throw lever as he spends most of his time at 10-12 power. The lower power setting make it easier to find targets and see bullet trace.


We are both using the Defiance Deviant actions with Guardian cut. The Guardian cut allows the use of AW magazines which we prefer over the AICS magazines. If you order a rifle from RBros, you will get a Deviant action but it will be branded RBros.


We will both be running Jewel triggers set at approximately 1lb pull weight. Trigger pull weight is a very subjective thing with some shooters choosing heavier or lighter weights. However, me might audition some other triggers particularly the Huber now that it is end-user adjustable.

Want your own?

If you like what you see or would prefer something different, please contact the good folks at RBros rifles. They are very accommodating and can build just about anything you desire.

Editor: Ed Mobley (ed@65guys.com)

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Latest Comments
  1. Lou Hoffman

    What was your motivation to shoot the Tactical Division as opposed to the Open Division?

    • 65guys


      It’s like the guy who was asked why he climbed the mountain….because it was there. Tactical division is becoming more popular so we figured we’d give it a try. One thing for sure – after shooting the .308 again there’s a good reason folks moved to higher BC cartridges.

  2. Peyton Besand

    What projectiles are you using for your .308’s?

    • 65guys


      We’re currently using Nosler 175 RDFs.

  3. John Duffin

    What do these rifles way field ready? Thank you

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