DIY Paper Targets

Paper targets are a mandatory item in any shooter’s kit. Whether it is for zeroing a scope, testing turret tracking, practice drills, or just for fun, paper targets serve many purposes.

In this episode the 6.5 Guys provide tips and a tutorial for designing and creating your very own custom paper targets to use at the range. As a result, you’ll save money versus buying a pack of targets and you’ll have targets that are custom tailored to your specific needs.

The PowerPoint file that contains many of the targets shown in this tutorial is available at this link:

The IOTA PowerPoint slideshow trainer file is available at this link:


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  1. Adam

    I may have misunderstood but I thought we were going to be able to pull copies of these targets directly from your site. I can’t find them. I only have PP at work and I think its an older version. Can’t get the grid lines to actual show when printing.

    • 65guys

      The URL Links to the PowerPoint files have been updated on this article and should now work correctly.

  2. Adam

    Perfect! Thanks

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