Weekly Gear Update – BarrelCool

Shooting long strings of fire can really heat up a rifle chamber and barrel, and this can affect the performance of precision loaded ammunition.

Weekly Gear Update – Magnetospeed Sporter

The ability to accurately measure muzzle velocity is critical to calculating a good ballistic solution for your precision rifle. That is why you will

Applied Ballistics Seminar

The name Applied Ballistics is synonymous with long range precision shooting. It’s founder Bryan Litz started the company in 2009 as an avenue to

Weekly Gear Update – Annealing Made Perfect Machine

Annealing of brass in the reloading process alters the physical properties of the case and increases its ductility, making it more workable, and also

Weekly Gear Update – Tactical Supply Pistol Customization

Tactical Supply Group offers a variety of services to customize pistols and firearms as shown in this video. For more information go to the

Weekly Gear Update – ESC Dynamic Gear, Hybrid Bag

Good support bags are essential kit for precision rifle shooting, particularly in PRS style matches. Gear minimalists who are looking for one ‘do it

Our Practice Steel Targets

Regular and focused practice is necessary to build and maintain the marksmanship skills needed to effectively compete in matches. AR 500 steel targets, properly

Weekly Gear Update – Sidewinder Industries

Knowing the proper settings to dial on your scope turrets for your rifle/ammo, environmental affects, and distance to target is critical to getting impacts

Our Match Rifles: 2016 Update

Just like many other competitive shooters, we upgrade our gear based on innovations and trends and also to try out new equipment. In January

Weekly Gear Update – Otis Technology Ear Shield

Hearing protection is an absolute necessity for the shooting sports. Often times friends or family that accompany you to the range may not have

Precision from a Progressive Reloader

We really enjoy our time at the reloading bench, but have more fun at the firing line. As part of our journey we have

Weekly Gear Update – Alex and Ryan Design Rifle Mag Carrier

Combine equal parts: Customization, cutting edge design, and shooting gear retention mechanisms and you have Alex & Ryan Design. In this gear update we

Weekly Gear Update – Expander Mandrel Dies

Incremental improvements to reloading techniques and tools help to save time and gain consistency in precision hand loaded ammunition. One of the recent additions

2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge

The 6.5 Guys had the opportunity to compete in the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge hosted by Sin City Precision. Having filmed the prior

Special Report with Chris Phillips

We’re excited to bring you a special report by Chris Phillips, a 6.5 Guys contributor and long member of our audience. This approach to content