Weekly Gear Update – Auto Trickler, Auto Throw Combo with Area 419 Billet Base

In this gear update we take a closer look at the Auto Trickler and Auto Throw combo and how it integrates with a the A&D FX120-i precision lab scale. This solution offers one of the fastest and most precise powder dispensing solutions on the market. We also review the Area 419 Billet Base that is an accessory offered for the Auto Trickler.

Editor: Ed Mobley (ed@65guys.com)

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  1. Gabe

    Have you guys had a chance to quantify any improvement in ES and SD after using this setup, compared to your older equipment?

    Great videos and content- keep up the good work!



    • 65guys

      Steve just started using this setup and we should have some data soon. Some improvement is expected.

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