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SHOT Show 2018 Videos are Up!

We have posted the videos from SHOT Show 2018 on our Youtube channel. There are over 40 videos – be sure to check them

Gear Update – JC Steel Targets Online Training Academy

Precision Rifle Training from a qualified professional is an essential element to developing the knowledge and skills necessary to master the fundamentals of good

2017 Year in Review

The 6.5 Guys take a look back at 2017 to make observations about their journey and current trends in the sport of Precision Rifle.

SHOT Show 2017 Videos are Up!

We have posted the videos from SHOT Show 2017 on our Youtube channel. There are over 40 videos – be sure to check them

Weekly Gear Update – Reasor Gamechanger Bag

In this gear update the 6.5 Guys review and discuss the Reasor Gamechanger Bag which they both recently started using. This support bag is

A Look At Our Match Gear

New shooters will often ask us what a typical gear load out looks like. The answer is gear selection is most often dictated by

Book Review – Practical Shooter’s Guide by Marcus Blanchard

We get this question a lot: “What’s a good book for the beginning shooter who wants to get into long range precision rifle or

Applied Ballistics Seminar

The name Applied Ballistics is synonymous with long range precision shooting. It’s founder Bryan Litz started the company in 2009 as an avenue to

Our Practice Steel Targets

Regular and focused practice is necessary to build and maintain the marksmanship skills needed to effectively compete in matches. AR 500 steel targets, properly

How to Spin a Spinner

Steel targets have evolved over the years from basic shapes hung on a post to some pretty engaging reactive setups. Perhaps one of the

.223 Trainer Rifles

About a year ago we were hanging out with our gunsmith Travis Redell of RBros Rifles and we asked him what our next build

Practice Made Perfect

The 6.5 Guys focus in on developing a practice regimen to improve precision rifle marksmanship and hone the skills necessary to effectively compete in PRS-style match

2015 Fall FTX

With a respite from the summer heat, the 6.5 Guys headed to eastern Washington to practice for a couple of season closing matches. They

A Look at Precision Rifle Training

We had an opportunity to connect with Scott Satterlee of Core Shooting Solutions as they were putting on a two day clinic at the Rock

Our Focused Training Is Paying Off

Over the past few months, the 6.5 Guys have been focused on learning to read wind conditions. Yesterday we placed top 3. Ed took