Weekly Gear Update – Tactical Supply Bipod Talons

This week the 6.5 Guys show off a really cool product from Tactical Supply – the Bipod Talons.

These light weight (0.4oz), machined aluminum bipod talons are excellent for replacing the standard rubber bipod feet on all Harris or Atlas style bipods. Provide a rock solid base for prone shots by aggressively engaging all shooting surfaces and will not rotate or roll like other bipod spikes. Proudly made in the USA by Tactical Supply. Atlas models include rubber oring and detent pin for installation. Available in a wide variety of colors. Price is for a complete set (2) talons.

Current prices (2015) are $49.95 for the Harris version and $54.95 for the Atlas version.

For more information or to order this product go to www.tacticalsupply.com

Latest Comments
  1. Jeff B Young

    Are Atlas bipods maked “Made in the USA”? I may not have
    enough money to buy a new one, but would like to know the
    difference between real deal and Chinese counterfeit.

    • 65guys

      From what we’ve heard the Chinese versions really are functionally inferior. We wouldn’t recommend one.

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