Weekly Gear Update – Mile High Shooting Accessories A.I. Barrels

In this Gear Update the 6.5 Guys discuss barrel replacements for Accuracy International Rifles (specifically the AI AT), and options available through Mile High Shooting Accessories.

While there are many off the shelf barrels available for the AI AT, in this particular case we required a 10 twist barrel in .308 with a chamber optimized for the Nosler 175 RDF bullet. We also wanted a heavier barrel to help mitigate some of the recoil associated with the .308.

To answer a common question, barrels spun up for the original AI Arctic Warfare will headspace properly on the AT rifle. However, the barrels made for the AT rifle include the addition of a wrench flat to aid in removal of the barrel.

For more information go to the website: https://www.milehighshooting.com/accu…

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