Videos – Season 3

S3 – 1 – A Visit With Tactical Supply

In this episode the 6.5 Guys drop by to visit with Shayne Downing, co-owner of The Range and Tactical Supply. The Range is a state of the art “guntry club” facility featuring a retail store, indoor shooting range with VIP suite, classroom for training, espresso bar, manufacturing operations, a gun smithing workshop, and more. Tactical Supply also offers their own line of precision rifles and designs and manufactures accessories for precision rifles. Recently Tactical Supply has organized and held precision rifle matches and will be hosting a Precision Rifle Series match in June of 2016.

Tactical Supply Website:

S3 – 02 – .223 Trainer Rifles

.223 Trainer rifles are becoming more and more popular among shooters who compete in practical precision rifle and the PRS. The 6.5 Guys recently fielded their new .223 Trainer rifles as the 2016 season gets under way. Steve and Ed take the opportunity walk through the specs of each of their rifles and also talk about the two primary benefits of using a .223 trainer. One, it reduces barrel wear on the primary match rifle, and two, it is more cost effective to practice with .223 cartridge versus a large caliber rifle cartridge. The 6.5 Guys also give a big thank you to Defiance Machine and R Bros Rifles for their support in helping with these rifles.

S3 – 03 – Shooting A Spinner Target

Spinner targets are encountered at times in PRS match competitions, yet some shooters have difficulty in getting them to spin. In this episode Steve and Ed are in the field with Jake Vibbert of JC Steel Targets to test out different rifle cartridges and a variety of shooting techniques for engaging a spinner target. We break down the most successful techniques to get the target spinning with the fewest shots.

JC Steel Targets Website:

S3 – 04 – Special Report with Chris Phillips

In this episode, the 6.5 Guys present a Special Report by contributor Chris Phillips. We discuss the PRS-style match scene in the New Mexico area, and the monthly precision rifle match held in Albuquerque, NM at the Zia Rifle and Pistol Club. Additionally Chris provides an overview of his recent experience field testing the Burris XTR II 5-25×50 rifle scope.

The special report format allows the 6.5 Guys to extend their reach from time to time so that we can share tactical/field precision rifle content of interest from other geographic locations.

S3 – 05 – 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge, After Action Review

The Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge is always one of the most popular Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competitions of the year since its inception because it is scheduled on the weekend before each annual SHOT Show held in Las Vegas.

In this episode Steve and Ed provide an after action review of their experience competing in the 2016 VPRC, with the highlights and low lights of their performance. The majority of the stages are covered with the exception of a a few stages which weren’t recorded due to the difficulty of attempting to record videos while also shooting the match.

S3 – 06 – Precision Ammo From A Progressive Press

Traditional wisdom has held that hand loading precision ammo is the purview of a single stage press. Although single stage presses are the predominate method for reloading precision ammo, progressive presses are equally capable. As prolific shooters and reloaders, the 6.5 Guys are constantly searching and testing new ways to more quickly and efficiently hand load ammunition without sacrificing the consistency and quality of precision hand loaded cartridges. In this episode Steve and Ed use a Dillon 550 press to demonstrate and provide an overview of their current reloading practices (which continue to evolve). However the approach and methods covered can be applied with any progressive or auto-progressive press such as the Hornady Lock-n-Load AP.

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S3 – 07 – Our Match Rifles: 2016 Update

Just like many other competitive shooters, Steve and Ed upgrade their gear based on new innovations and trends, and also to try out new equipment. In January 2016 the 6.5 Guys went through a transition process to configure the match rifles that will be used for the 2016 PRS season and other tactical long range precision matches they attend. In this episode they take the viewer on a virtual tour of how each of their rifles is configured. Steve and Ed discuss some of the drivers behind the decisions that led to the selection of the components for their rifles. They also discuss how their R Bros Rifles have been performing in the first few months of the season.

S3 – 08 – Our Practice Steel Targets

Regular and focused practice is necessary to build and maintain the rifle markmanship skills to effectively compete in a precision rifle match. AR 500 steel targets, properly sized for practice can provide a great training aid. They provide instant feedback – an impact on target is rewarded with target movement and often an audible ‘ping’. In many cases, you can also see where your shot went on the target – and they are more entertaining to hit than paper. Also, unlike paper they don’t deteriorate in the rain and don’t require posting a new target as paper quickly becomes perforated with holes after a short time.

In this episode the 6.5 Guys provide an overview of the steel targets they use for training. Steve and Ed worked with JC Steel Targets to design a basic “6.5 Guys” Steel Target Package which replicates what they use for training. Additionally, they helped to hand pick a set of optional targets to configure different 6.5 Target packages, all of which offer a tremendous value to the buyer.

For more information on the 6.5 Guys Target Packages go to: https://jcsteeltargets.mycustomevent….

S3 – 09 – Applied Ballistics Seminar

The name Applied Ballistics is synonymous with long range precision shooting. It’s founder Bryan Litz started the company in 2009 as an avenue to publish his first book Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting. Since then, the company has grown to include numerous industry experts who develop and support an unparalleled product line of accurate and reliable ballistic resources for the long range shooting community. These include numerous books, software, the Litz bullet library, and also seminars.

In this episode, the 6.5 Guys discuss the Spring 2016 – Applied Ballistics seminar which Steve attended in Dallas, TX. Highlights of this episode include interviews with Bryan Litz and Nick Vitalbo.

For more information about Applied Ballistics or the seminars go to the website at:

S3 – 10 – 2016 Blue Ridge Rifle Range Steel Challenge

A new precision rifle shooting venue was introduced in Washington State in June 2016. The Blue Ridge Rifle Range hosted it’s first Precision Rifle match and the 6.5 Guys participated to check it out. This episode features a handful of stage highlights to introduce the viewer to the type of terrain and typical stages that a competitor can expect to encounter at the Blue Ridge Rifle Range.

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S3 – 11 – A Look At Our Match Gear

New shooters will often ask us what a typical gear load out looks like for people who participate in PRS-style precision rifle matches. The answer is that it is most often dictated by the individual shooters’ preferences for what gear they’ve tried and works for them, as well as budget considerations. In this episode, Steve and Ed each take a turn to go through the individual items they take to a match and highlight some of the rationale behind their choices in gear.

S3 – 12 – A Look At Our Shooting Glasses

Proper eye protection is ‘must-have’ gear for shooting sports. Other eye-pro features are important, in addition to safety factors, particularly if you need corrective lenses or are looking through the scope of a precision rifle. In this episode the 6.5 Guys take a look back at an array of shooting glasses they have tried and some of the key considerations that drove purchasing decisions along with their unique perspective on what performance features are important to look for in shooting glasses that will get you on target.

S3 – 13 – Reloading Press Accessories with Inline Fabrication

High volume shooters often find themselves in front of their reloading presses in order to keep their shelves stocked with enough ammunition to feed their hungry firearms. The 6.5 Guys are no exception. However, reloading sessions shouldn’t be an uncomfortable task carried out in a disorganized environment…..reloading should be enjoyable. To help with this is InLine Fabrication, a company based in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in designing and manufacturing precision, quality accessories for the reloading community. They offer a broad array of innovative products featuring innovative engineering, excellent quality, and all their products are manufactured in the USA.

In this video Ed and Steve provide a brief overview of a small sample of InLine Frabrication’s product line that complements the reloading presses and practices they use.

For more information visit the website at:

S3 – 14 – A Look At Progressive Presses

Progressive reloading presses offer shooters speed and efficiency in producing custom tailored hand loads for shooting. However, there is a wide array of product choices and a bewildering array of options to consider. In this episode, the 6.5 Guys meet with Gavin Gear of Ultimate Reloader to get an expert’s overview of current progressive presses available and key considerations particularly for precision rifle shooters.

For more information check out Gavin’s YouTube channel and website: