S2 – 01 – 2015 SHOT SHOW: Summary & Highlights

The 6.5 Guys attend 2015 SHOT Show at the Sands Expo center in Las Vegas to get a first hand look at what’s new and exciting for the long range precision shooter this year. We’ve recorded 28 videos with various vendors for this year’s industry trade show, of which we selected a sample of videos for this episode. To see all of our videos for 2015 SHOT show, check out our playlist on the 6.5 Guys YouTube channel.

Below are time marks for each video segment by vendor in this summary episode:

  • 1:45 Manners Composite Stocks
  • 6:55 GA Precision
  • 10:42 Defiance Machine
  • 13:07 JP Enterprises
  • 16:07 Kelbly’s Inc.
  • 18:49 Desert Tech
  • 21:17 Mcree’s Precision
  • 28:25 Ashbury Precision Ordnance
  • 31:33 Bushnell
  • 33:23 NightForce
  • 35:52 US Optics
  • 36:55 Vortex
  • 38:51 Kahles
  • 41:43 Leupold
  • 45:17 Mile High Shooting
  • 52:54 Kestrel
  • 55:52 Thunder Beast Arms
  • 57:40 Tab Gear
  • 59:50 Other 2015 SHOT Show videos by the 6.5 Guys


S2 – 02 – 2015 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge – After Action Review

The 6.5 Guys attended the 2015 VPRC to provide media coverage and share their after action review as well as a stage-by-stage analysis. This was the first Precision Rifle Series match in the 2015 calendar year and was well attended because the annual SHOT Show began the day after this event.

Below are time marks for major segments in this episode:

  • 1:58 Overall Match Results
  • 3:30 Beginning of Day 1
  • 6:14 Overview of Stages 1-9 on the CATM Range
  • 32:54 Beginning of Day 2 and Mid Match Zero Stage
  • 35:38 Interview with Beau Jaramillo
  • 41:11 Overview of Stages 1-10 on the Nellis Range
  • 1:05:45 Match wrap up, winners, prizes, sponsors

The following music tracks were used in this video under the Creative Commons License 3.0 and provided by AudioNautix.com:

– Heading West
– Rock Tune
– Essence


S2 – 03 – A Talk With PRS Competitors

Have you ever wanted to ‘pick the brain’ of a PRS competitor? The 6.5 Guys took the opportunity to talk to dozens of shooters at the 2015 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge who compete at the national level and ask them some key questions such as:
– How did you get started in long range precision rifle shooting
– What specific training do you do has had the most impact on your performance in competition?
– What key pieces of equipment and gear do you use?
– What do you recommend to those who are interested in getting into this type of shooting?
We found their comments interesting and insightful for anyone looking to step up their long range precision game.

Music Credits:

Undaunted – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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S2 – 04 – Our Match Rifles: 2015 Update

Like most other competitive shooters, we change up our gear from time to time. In late January 2015 we finally received new match rifles that we’ll be running for the 2015 season in our tactical long range precision matches. In this episode we take a look at the rifles we used in the last season, and conduct a walk through tour of how we have configured our new match rifles. Steve and Ed discuss some of the drivers behind the decisions that led to the selection of the components in each of our rifles, and some of the things we expect to reevaluate and possibly change up as the year progresses.


S2 – 05 Match Highlights from UNSC & Rock Lake

In this episode, we share highlights from two matches we recently competed in. Our monthly club match at Upper Nisqually Sportsmans Club (UNSC), and the first match of the 2015 NW Precision Steel Series Challenge at Rock Lake. We decided to try a different format by providing a photo montage set to music and look forward to hearing your feedback. Scott Satterlee, the winner of the February 2015 match at Rock Lake joins us as our special guest to give us some insight into shooting techniques that helped in the challenging conditions for that match.

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Music Credits 1:
Undaunted – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Mechanolith – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Exotic Battle – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Music Credits 2:
Badass – Bensound.com
Going Higher – Bensound.com

Music Credits 3:
The following music tracks were used in this video under the Creative Commons License 3.0 and provided by AudioNautix.com:
– Drifting2
– Rock Tune


S2 – 06 – A Look At Rear Bags

Many rifle shooters collect a variety of rear support bags over the years because different bag designs are more useful than others given the specific shooting shooting scenario or position for how it may be used. In this episode, the 6.5 Guys take look at a spectrum of different rear bags they have either purchased or created to use in precision rifle shooting. They focus in on the philosophy of use for different rear bag designs. Steve and Ed also discuss what bags they prefer to use with different rifle platforms or types of rifle shooting; and they highlight their current favorite bags for use in tactical precision rifle competitions.


S2 – 07 – Resizing Die Setup

The 6.5 Guys recently changed over their 6.5×47 Lapua sizing dies to Redding Type S bushing style full length sizing dies. While setting up the new dies, Steve and Ed take the time in this episode to provide a brief walk through and a few tech-tips for properly setting up a resizing die for proper shoulder set back for the chamber of your rifle.


S2 – 08 – Match Ammo Management

There are many products available for carrying your precision ammo to a final firing position, or hiking around a match from one stage to the next. Steve and Ed have tried and tested a number of the popular products that are typically seen at matches, and even tried creating a solution that fills this need. In this episode, the 6.5 Guys discuss a number of the many options available for match ammunition management in a field/match setting.


S2 – 09 – Matt Karstetter Memorial Match

The 6.5 Guys provide stage by stage coverage of the third annual Matt Karstetter Memorial Match, to give the viewer a sense of what it was like to have attended. The Karstetter match has grown very popular since it’s debut in 2013 and is destined to become one of the must attend long range match events in the future. This match was organized as a memorial tribute to Matt and also as a fund raiser to help fund the college education of his children.


S2 – 10 – Load Development (Part 1 of 2)

Developing and tuning hand loaded ammunition for a precision rifle is important to ensure that the rifle can live up to its full accuracy potential for a given bullet and powder. The 6.5 Guys take on this topic, which is often the subject of debate and differing points of view. In this first of a two part episode, Steve and Ed invite a special guest, Scott Satterlee, to provide insight and a unique perspective on tuning hand loads for tactical precision competition.


S2 – 11 – Load Development (Part 2 of 2)

Developing and tuning hand loaded ammunition for a precision rifle is important to ensure that the rifle can live up to its full accuracy potential for a given bullet and powder. The 6.5 Guys take on this topic, which is often the subject of debate and differing points of view. This is the last half of a two part episode, in which Steve and Ed provide a hands on walk through and demonstration of applying the approach, methodology, and techniques Scott Satterlee discussed in part 1.


S2 – 12 – 2015 Mid year Update

This episode is a brief update on what the 6.5 Guys have been up to over the past few months. Steve and Ed discuss the following topics:
– Why some of the video content has slowed down recently
– Upcoming episodes to look for in the next few months
– Our partnership with three companies (JC Steel Targets, Defiance Machine, RBros Rifles)
– Recent PRS matches we’ve attended
– Our commitment to getting back in shape


S2 – 13 – A Look at Bipods

In this episode the 6.5 Guys take a look at a number of different rifle bipods of assorted makes and models that can be frequently found in use at tactical precision rifle matches. They also provide an overview of various bipod options and accessories such as bipod feet, mounting options, leg extensions, and other gear such as bipod shooting sticks. Steve and Ed discuss the gear they are currently using and talk about some of the key features that may be important to consider if a shooter is buying a new bipod for a precision rifle.


S2 – 14 – A Look at Slings

A rifle sling is an invaluable component of a precision rifle. A sling serves the purpose of enabling the shooter to carry the rifle slung over a shoulder, in addition to providing support for shooting from a hasty or improvised shooting postion. In fact, in many tactical/practical precision matches we are seeing at least one positional shooting stage or a stage where only a sling may be used for support. We’ve found that a common feature of successful slings is one that enables the shooter to quickly slip into it and allows for rapid fine tuning adjustments to build a stable shooting position.
In this episode, Steve and Ed provide an overview and compare/contrast different designs and the functionality of six popular slings (from: Armageddon Gear, Tab Gear, Rifles Only, Hard Target Interdiction, Short Action Precision, Accuracy International)

S2 – 15 – A Look Back At Our Scopes

The 6.5 Guys respond to viewer requests to learn what rifle scopes we use and what were some of the factors that drove our choices for precision rifle optics. We take a look back at some of the rifle scopes we’ve used in the past as well as scopes we currently run to provide observations about what specific features we value as well as the key considerations behind the purchases we’ve made. This episode is not a comprehensive scope review, but rather it provides some insight into our journey (at this point in time) and experiences in using precision rifle scopes.

S2 – 16 – Jewell Trigger Disassembly & Reassembly

Jewell Triggers are a popular choice in the sport of long range precision shooting, and like everything else require regular cleaning and maintenance. In most cases they can be cleaned with charcoal lighter fluid or dropped into an ultrasonic cleaner. Should the situation require, they can be completely disassembled according to the Jewell Trigger Manual.

We ran into a situation where we had to dissemble a trigger due to the entrapment of some sticky dirt that couldn’t be removed with an ultrasonic cleaner. Our first step was to find some step by step instructions but we couldn’t find anything.

Recognizing that other shooters might be in the same situation we asked our audience if they would be interested in a detailed set of instructions. Based upon that feedback, we have produced the following step by step guide and video. These instructions will work with a left or right handed trigger – in our case we worked with a left handed BR model trigger with safety and bolt release.

CAUTION: These procedures presume a certain degree of skill and familiarity with firearms and triggers in particular. If you are not comfortable with your abilities seek professional help – you can always send the trigger to Jewell for service. These instructions may contain errors and omissions that could create an inoperable or unsafe trigger resulting in damage to property, injury or death. You assume all risks when undertaking this procedure.


S2 – 17 – A Visit With RBros Rifles

The 6.5 Guys stop by RBros Rifles to pick up Steve’s newly rebarreled match rifle and stay to visit with Travis Redell, the founder and owner of one of top custom rifle shops in the United States. Travis takes a look back to provide us with the background story of his company and its founding in 2006. He also shares from his perspective the evolution of the precision rifle industry and how the competitive side of practical/field precision rifle matches have transformed over the past ten years.

S2 – 18 – A Look at Precision Rifle Training

Shooters who aspire to improve their knowledge, skills and capabilities behind a precision rifle should strongly consider making the investment to attend a training clinic led by a qualified professional. In this episode, the 6.5 Guys discuss precision rifle training with Scott Satterlee, one of Core Shooting Solutions instructors. Our discussion covers a number of topics such as why new shooters should consider enrolling in a training clinic, the return on investment, typical course curriculum, what is needed to participate in a precision rifle clinic, and things shooters should practice and train for.

S2 – 19 – 2015 Fall FTX

In this episode, the 6.5 Guys are off on of their bi-monthly road trips to complete Field Training Exercises in windy conditions. This Fall FTX actually consisted of two separate trips to get in as much precision rifle practice prior to a couple of season closing matches. The first trip was to Rock Lake Rifle range in Saint John, WA. The second was to North Central Washington Gun Club in Wenatchee, WA.

S2 – 20 – A Visit With Killer Innovations

In this installment of our industry insights, Steve and Ed visit with Rick Olsen of Killer Innovations. We get a behind the scenes look at how a new company entered the firearms industry and grew quickly in the past few years. Rick gives a detailed walk through of their innovative Orias Chassis system they introduced for precision rifles earlier this year. We also get a chance to check out what takes to bring a product concept through design, manufacturing, and to the market place.

For more information about Killer Innovations or the Orias Chassis product featured in this video, check out there website at: http://killer-innovations.com/

S2 – 21 – 2015 Northwest Precision Rifle League Finale

2015 was the inaugural year of the Northwest Precision Rifle League (NWPRL), which is a voluntary points tracking and ranking system designed to give shooters in the Northwest region of the United States (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana) the opportunity and the ability to compete against one another in a regional series format with a season finale match hosted by the NWPRL. Shooters scores from participating PRS-style matches were tracked throughout the season and the top shooters from pro and amateur divisions were invited to compete in the 2015 finale.

The 6.5 Guys were fortunate to place well enough across a variety of precision rifle matches in the NW region during the 2015 season to attend the invitation only NWPRL finale match. This match was held at the North Central Washington Gun Club in October 2015. This video episode provides an overview of the match from the perspective the 6.5 Guys experience participating in the match as competitors.

To find out more about the Northwest Precision Rifle League, check out the information at: www.65guys.com/NWPRL