SHOT Show 2018 – Day 4

Well folks it’s a wrap, but the work is just beginning as we get all the videos together. We’ll be producing forty-two videos as we have done from previous shows and they will be coming out in the upcoming weeks.

We were able to line up a number of top tier vendors who will be participating in our gear giveaway.  We’re talking about actions, scopes, chassis, suppressors, complete rifles and other accessories that will be given away thanks to their generosity. Stay tuned for instructions as anybody can participate! All regulations pertaining to transfer of firearms and NFA items as well as ITAR regulated items will be scrupulously adhered to.

One venerable vendor TAB Gear is really upping their game with an expanded selection of very useful and well constructed accessories. They will also create custom items, such as computer cases, that will look just as good in the board room as the firing range. If you have not considered TAB Gear in some time, you really need to check them out.

We stopped by Spuhr for a truly unique video. Hakan Spuhr spent some time addressing certain misconceptions about their products and scope mounting in general.  Are you looking for a throw lever mount with rock solid repeatability? Their solution has a patent pending feature to address that issue. Their 2018 catalog contains some very interesting technical information about scope mounting in general and is worth downloading. It taught us why you frequently have to adjust your throw lever mounts when going from rifle to rifle because the picatinny rail specification allows for some pretty generous tolerances that vary between manufacturers.

Vendors like Gunwerks and Mile High Shooting are making significant investments in training resulting in a one stop buying experience. Civilian and government buyers can get all their firearm related equipment and training in one place. Mile High Shooting will customize training for any agency and deliver it at a convenient venue.

Hog Saddle is providing a robust tripod solution that is durable and functional yet doesn’t break the bank. The PIG0311-G Field Tripod ($138 USD) is based on a Slik tripod with certain modifications and comes in OD Green. Gone are the days of purchasing a general photography tripod and modifying it yourself. The construction of the tripod allows you to direct mount your HOG or PIG Saddle and it provides full panning capability. It’s a really practical solution for an entry level shooter who might be intimidated at the prospect of purchasing other tripod solutions that can cost upwards of $1,000 USD.

Stay tuned for our videos and further details about our gear giveaway.

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