SHOT Show 2017 – Day 4

We wrapped up SHOT Show 2017 with some some in depth interviews from industry notables. With the rapid growth of our sport there are a lot of questions being asked and we were able to go directly to reliable sources to get authoritative answers.

This was our third SHOT Show and we are truly grateful and humbled by the support we have been receiving. It is clear that we are achieving one of our primary goals of being a source of unbiased and reliable information. None of this would be possible without the support of our audience, sponsors, mentors and advertisers. We also want to thank our good friend Cory Bibby who served as our cameraman, sherpa and errand boy.

Accurate Shooter made a number of key introductions for us during SHOT Show. Details need to be hammered out, but we will be working with some top tier vendors to make significant contributions to the knowledge base surrounding our sport. Stay tuned!

We concluded the show with some really nice giveaways from Kestrel, Magnetospeed, Berger Bullets, Nightforce, Spuhr and Mile High Shooting Accessories. We only thought about doing this toward the end of the show so we expect other vendors will want to participate as we loop back with them. Be sure to check in on a regular basis regarding rules and timing so you don’t miss out!

Here are the highlights – videos to be released in the next couple of weeks:

  • We kicked off the day with an interview by Impact Dynamics of Australia. While they were interviewing us, we learned a lot about the rapid growth of our sport in Australia. Now to make our way “down under” for some fun with these guys!
  • We sat down with Shawn Wiseman of the Precision Rifle Series. We discussed the new divisions (gas gun and tactical) as well as the club series. We got authoritative answers in response to the many questions that have been floating around. Shawn discussed the challenges that they have faced as a result of their rapid growth and how they have addressed them.
  • Frank Galli shared his observations from SHOT Show as well as the future of Snipers Hide. Frank has been a terrific mentor and supporter of 6.5 Guys. This will be a must see video.
  • We met with Tyler Frehner and Travis Ishida of the new National Rifle League. We discussed the drivers behind the formation of the National Rifle League and the match schedule for 2017.
  • We met with Travis Redell of R Bros Custom Rifles. We discussed their new V2 tactical rifle and how it was developed to reflect the evolution of our sport. Travis shared his observations around cartridges and calibers and their ability to achieve 6.5mm barrel life with a 6mm cartridge through the judicious selection of powders and bullets. We will be getting our hands on our own V2 rifles and will report our findings.

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  1. craig osborne

    Australian government will get in the way of PRS … i learnt they imposed a “one packet of air rifle pellets per day” restriction recently from my sister. Learnt from my nephew to buy a gun, you need to take a 5 day class and pass a test to get e license – problem is the classes are booked 12 month in advanced … but its not gun control – nope – common sense .. sure wink wink nod nod. Soon a stupid Australian politician will see these rapid fire bolt actions and ban them … without any due diligence etc (they recently tried to ban a 1887 designed lever action shotgun as unnecessarily dangerous). Dont give an inch …

  2. Benjamin Rahoy

    I am curious if you were able to get any more details from Travis about the new powder options he has been trying in 6 mm creedmoor which are providing improved performance and equal barrel life?

    Ed, I’m sure you will be able to move that H4350 if you really want to…

    Thank you

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