SHOT Show 2017 – Day 3

We made it through day 3! Our patch giveaway was a success. Three of the recipients just got off a flight from Australia and said meeting us was their number one agenda item. We suspect they were exaggerating just a tad, but we’re humbled that we have audience members around the world that would make an effort to meet with us. Kestrel, Berger Bullets and Magnetospeed stepped up to support our product giveaway – check out our Facebook page for details.

Here are the highlights:

MDT – We went over their selection of chassis systems including the TAC21, LSS, LSS-XL, HS3, ESS and LSS-22. There’s a lot of interest in rimfire trainers and their LSS-22 stock supports Ruger, Anschutz, Browing, CZ 455 and Savage rimfire actions. They also support left hand shooters.

Hornady – They are collaborating with GA Precision on a new 6.5mm Precision Rifle Cartridge – sorry but nothing on their web site yet. They are expanding the ELD product line.

APO – We took a look at their new Supra rifle in 6.5 Creedmore. It will be available in other cartridges.

KRG – They will be introducing a new Sotic rifle. A release date has not been set, but expect something around the end of the year give or take. They also showed us the Sabu ultralight chassis made principally of magnesium – it’s noticeably lighter. They also have a number of accessories including various bag riders. The bag riders are a really thoughtful addition and it would be good for other chassis vendors to do something similar.

Desertech – Their TRASOL ballistic software has been updated and the long anticipated MDR is set for release. We also took a look at the SRS  and HTI rifles. We’ve seen the SRS show up at a number of matches. They also have some new monolithic bullets that will be available as loaded ammunition.

Kestrel – They are really focused on integration with other devices and they presented a number of examples. A software update just came out for the 5700 AB and it includes updates to the software library as well as trace information. The trace information will tell you where to look to spot bullet trace – we’re personally excited about this new feature.

Applied Ballistics – We sat down with Doc Beech to discuss the impact of the acquisition by Nammo Group. Long story short, the acquisition will make additional resources available and Nammo allows their subsidiaries to act with a high degree of autonomy to ensure continued innovation. We also discussed their efforts to standardize practices and protocols around ELR record setting and foster collaboration among stakeholders.

Kelbly’s – Our viewers have been asking about the Bix N Andy triggers which Kelbly’s now includes in all their builds. Ian Kelbly showcased a new lower cost option available from Bix N Andy (TacSport) and available in the U.S. from Bullet Central. We also took a look at the new Blackbear Tactical action. The coating means that lubrication is optional and the flat base will mitigate rotational torque. They also have a .22 trainer option utilizing an Anschutz action in a Kelbly’s stock – an it’s available in left hand!

Berger Bullets – We plan to have a more detailed discussion tomorrow on the impact of their acquisition by Nammo. As is the case with Applied Ballistics, it is shaping up to be a good thing. Don’t worry – Berger will retain their identify and product line. They are also collaborating with Federal to provide shooters with loaded ammunition. We also discussed how the hunting bullets also make excellent competition bullets (we personally use the hunting variety of their 130 VLD bullets as there are some positive attributes associated with the thinner jackets).

Vortex – We discussed their new  Viper PST Gen II which is positioned as a little brother to their flagship Razor HD Gen II. If the HD Gen II is your primary scope, the PST Gen II is an excellent choice for a training rifle. We also took a look at the Diamond Back Tactical scope which would be an excellent choice for a rimfire trainer.

MagnetoSpeed – Known for their chronographs, they have been busy innovating. We took a look at their M-Series grip system which would make a thoughtful addition to any gas gun. It’s more than just a grip – it accommodates a number of accessories ranging from a three round magazine to a flashlight. We also took a look at target hit indicator system that will retail for around $200. It will track both hits and misses. When this product becomes available (no date has been set) we would expect them to become part of the standard match director kit bag.

Annealing Made Perfect – They will be introducing an automated case feeding system which should remove the one objection that we typically hear about this machine. We own an AMP annealer and are eagerly awaiting this upgrade. We will be receiving a prototype for evaluation and will report our findings. No release date has been set.

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  1. Nathan Scott

    Do you have any concept of a price point on the Kelbly Black Bear?

    Any idea when they will be doing a press release of some form on their own?

    • 65guys

      Unfortunately we were not able to hit Kelbly’s this year at SHOT. We suggest you contact them directly. Thanks for asking!

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