Practice Barricades – Update

18 March 2015 Update: We’ve received a number of questions about our barricades so we have decided to republish our article from this December. We have also updated the article with additional drawings of the barricade supports.

OnNewYearResolution our way back from our 2014 Winter Field Training Exercise, we reflected on the past year and discussed some of the things that improved our shooting. One thing that really stood out was our 2014 New Year’s resolution to build a set of practice barricades and a rooftop segment to simulate what we were seeing in matches. Eric and Mike, two of the top shooters from our local club, were clearly benefiting from the barricades that they had built and they were kind enough to share design details to get us started.

As you make your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2015, may we suggest that you include a set of practice barricades. Below are two videos and plans to get you started. We also provide a simple lightweight solution utilizing milk crates and a saw horse should storage or weight be a concern.

Before we built our barricades, we spent most of our time shooting on our bellies. Today, we spend 90% of our practice time in different positions and this has dramatically improved our performance. We believe that you will experience similar results.

Happy New Year and a prosperous 2015 from the 6.5 Guys!

Barricade Plans

Barricade Plan (Right side). Left side is a mirror image with different ports to mix things up.


Barricade support detail. The long part of the base goes toward the back. The dimensions are not critical. Suggest you cut the triangle first and fit everything to the triangle.








Supports in place on barricade. The supports are mirror images of one another.


Flip side view of support.





Latest Comments
  1. Jim

    Thank you for including the plans but can’t read the dimensions, as the image is too small. Can you please reload a with a higher resolution or include the dimensions?

    Happy New Year!

    • 65guys

      Jim – we’ve updated the post so that when you click on the thumbnail image of the barricade drawing it will open up a new window with a clear image of the drawing with the dimensions, etc.

      Cheers, Steve

  2. Larry

    Awesome thanks for the plans!

  3. Jason Maze

    Can you add the demintions for your roof prop you used in this. Thank you.

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