Dry Fire Practice and The Indoor Optical Training Aid (IOTA)

IOTA_ImageThe 6.5 Guys discuss the importance of dry fire practice for augmenting regular training sessions at the range.  We also look at an interesting product to help with dry fire practice, the Indoor Optical Training Aid (IOTA). Steve shows how he uses the IOTA device and how to setup an indoor simulated “virtual range” to perform dry fire practice. Ed is amazed and wonders how he could have gone so long without the IOTA.

Using the IOTA, one can simulate a particular range with surprising realism. It’s the next best thing to your own Holodeck. Think of the psychological advantage you could have before a match having shot on the range in a virtual session. You can also simulate popup and moving targets using PowerPoint on your laptop computer.

The IOTA can be ordered by contacting Chuck Neller at: chncranes@aol.com. Chuck can also be contacted through the Snipers Hide forum by private message (PM) where he goes by the screen name of 264shooter.

If you are interested in a copy of the range pictures shown in the video, print the image below on legal paper.  Three to four target pages should be printed and placed at different heights so you don’t have to tip your rifle too low or high if changing from a prone to standing position, etc.


If you want a copy of the PowerPoint presentation which has dynamic targets, please click here (it’s a big file so be patient): IOTA Trainer Dec_10_13_compressed (5)

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  1. Rich

    Thanks for posting this! I have the IOTA but didn’t have the powerpoint. I can see that this would work well with a tablet or laptop. Unfortunately your powerpoint is not working with LibreOffice. I’m going to see if I can convert it. There was an android app that somebody made to do the same thing. Have you tried it? I think I found it on the old SH site. (Yes, I know this is a very old post but the possibility of recreating timed courses of fire to use in my living room makes it worth asking anyway)

  2. Roddy

    Awesome article. I just ordered one. I wish I was better with PowerPoint as I would make a running coyote presentation and a presentation with a photo of my local range for a background.

  3. Randy Peters

    Where to I purchase an IOTA? DId not find at Midway, Sinclair or Amazon.

    Found a recommendation “Practical Shooter’s Guide” by Blanchard.

  4. Matt

    I know this article was posted about a year ago, but the power point you guys created has been the single best training aid I have. This paired with a DFAT from DST Precision is arguably better training than live fire at my local range due to target and range restrictions.

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