Brass Case Resizing Lube


Is the time you spend resizing brass significantly slowing down your reloading process and turning it into a tedious chore?  The 6.5 Guys tested a technique that significantly speeds up resizing, improves the overall consistency of resized brass, and saves money.  While this approach utilizing a DIY lanolin based spray lubricant is hardly new, it just seemed too good to be true so we never tried it until now.  We are certainly glad we gave it a try and can share our results with you.

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  1. Roger Odle

    I was looking for an alternative to the Imperial sizing lube & the graphite neck lube I’ve been using. Your video was great. I ordered all the supplies today. Looking forward to the change. Thanks again!

    • 65guys

      Thanks Roger – please let us know how it goes! Remember – a little goes a long way. We’ve also found out that the longer you can give it to dry the better it works. I spray my cases in batches and go do something else before I come back.


  2. ron zacharias

    I use a high grade synthic transmission flud with alcohol

  3. Chris Wardell

    Been doing it this way for years. Never did give Dillon a dime for their lube product, I think I’ve given them enough for their machine and accessories. Personally, I use an old plastic cover off of one of those 100 packs of DVD’s or CD’s – works great for the amount I do at a time. Put a hundred or so in, squirt a couple of times in a fine mist, and shake around for a bit to make sure you get good coverage. Never had one problem. Had a buddy that was using one of the aerosol brand cans and kept putting too much lube on and having dimpled shoulders….don’t over do it! Also remember to clean out your sizing die every once in a while – I use straight alcohol for cleaning it, then if I’m not going to use it again for a while I lube it up to keep it from having issues later on with rusting or whatever. I have also only used the 90% alcohol with the 10-1 ratio and it works without any problems. I’ve mainly done .223 and .300 with it.

    • 65guys

      Good to know that 90% alcohol works. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ruben

    Gentlemen, love the method but trying to avoid cleaning my brass twice.

    I currently deprime, anneal, STM tumble clean, dry, lube using wax on the case body and graphite on the necks, resize, roll the case body outside clean on a towel, trim/chamber with the Giraud tool, and load.

    If I use your lanolin method, is it absolutely necessary to tumble them or can they be loaded without re cleaning the cases a second time? I feel like all the time I saved using this method is lost again twice over if I have to also clean them a second time.

    Thanks for the feedback and keep up the great work.

    • 65guys


      Thanks for the kind words.

      We always clean off the lube irrespective of the type used. Granted there are some folks who don’t clean off the lube for smaller cartridges like the .223 when shooting from a bolt action. Some folks will tumble the loaded ammo – opinions vary whether this would cause issues.

  5. John Berdner

    While waiting (now there is an interesting concept) for the Lanolin to arrive I bought a small can of Hornady spray lube.
    When I sprayed it it smelled exactly like the silicon lube I use on my motorcycle.
    I checked the MSDS sheets and they are very similar in composition.
    MSDS sheets are an easy way to check ingredients – Just do a search for the product name followed by “MSDS”.
    The cheapest source I have found is CRC Heavy Duty multi-use Silicon spray – $3.11 for an 11oz can.
    Available all over the place for automotive use – which is always cheaper than the same stuff with the word motorcycles or gun on the label.
    About the same cost as the 99% alchohol for the lanolin spray.
    It will be interesting to compare the lanolin mix to the Hornady and some CRC.

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